dwsubs Services concentrates on professional design mixed with strategic marketing goals. Reaching your niche audience is vital to a thriving business. 

 Understanding The Audience

Who your website is intended for is a key factor in how it is designed. If you are targeting an older audience, larger fonts and simple graphics might be in order.  A flashy website with moving objects confuses users who are trying to gather information about you and your business quickly. Our goal is to get a clear comprehension of your target audience and design a website that will give them what they enjoy!

Your Business Goals

As we work on your website, we always keep in mind that this is your website, not ours. We want it to be something you are absolutely proud of and show off to all your colleagues. You will get our professional opinion and expertise, and always with a smile.

Every website is custom designed based on each client’s requirements, existing brand and personal taste.  Please contact us today for a free estimate and we’ll create your own beautiful, custom deigned website.


Designing a website for your business is one thing, but managing it and keeping it on the top page of Google is a whole other animal.  This is where S.E.O comes in, and Dubs Services works hard to ensure that your business ranks high among these search engines that are so vital to your success.

After your site is live, we work daily to ensure everything runs smoothly, managing backups, email, databases and various updates.  Online marketing via social media and other means is important these days. Dubs takes care of everything for your business needs at a very reasonable price.